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Sabre 90 day challenge

Giving back to the community is our academy’s way of life. Every day I am surrounded by selfless warriors and human beings who will always answer the call when it counts. For this, I am humbled and honored.

Today, I am announcing the launch of a virtual, online event supporting the Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R) foundation, chartered to rescue children from human trafficking and to provide recovery and rehabilitation resources after these missions succeed. These innocent children range from infant months to teenage years and more funding means more missions. We are confident that together, we can make a difference.

You can join the fight two ways:

1 – Donate directly to the O.U.R foundation via our Sabre event page and share the link with your networks.

2 – Join the Sabre 90 Day Fitness challenge that requires 30 minutes of exercise every day for 90 days. You can train, run, walk, lift, yoga, etc and for each day missed, it’s $2 in the pot that you keep track of until the challenge ends. At that time, we collect and tally up the missed days from participating members and donate the lump sum directly to the O.U.R foundation event page.

Raq Lopez will be leading this effort for our collective team. She can answer questions pre-, during and post-event.

Proud to be the change with you.

Coach Bryant

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