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Joe Bacani was born and raised in the Bay Area.  He went to school in Vallejo, Ca and continued his education in the IT field.  He currently resides in Benicia, Ca with his wife (Ruthie), 3 children (Jordan, Raegan and Jayce) and dog (Havi).


Joe has been training in Brazilian JiuJitsu since 2007 and was promoted to black belt on July 30, 2018.  He is a great instructor who brings a lot of experience, technical abilities and skill to his classes.  He also offers private lessons to all levels.


"I am truly passionate about JiuJitsu.  It has helped me become a better husband, father and friend.  It taught me how to be calm, respectful, honest, dependable and humble.  I take all aspects of what I learned on the mat and apply them to real life situations.  I look forward to the next step of this journey and sharing what I learned over the years".

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